Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is an Effective Tool to Increase Revenue

Today business success often hinges upon a brand’s ability to connect with audiences across social media channels. Nearly 87 percent of small businesses say that social media has helped them somewhat or a great deal in the last year (Marketing Even so, for many businesses finding a way to get started with social media can be the hardest part.

Connecting with Your Audience Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Your social media marketing program should empower and entice your customers to connect with your brand. When your brand creates meaningful connections with customers, you create the potential for your business to increase sales and cultivate lasting relationships with customers.

Allow us to Orchestrate Your Company’s Social Media Strategy

With a solid social media marketing strategy, SwiftPrints can help you kick off these conversations and engage your audience. Our work commences with our team learning your business and your customers. And, it doesn’t conclude until you’re satisfied with the success of your social media program. With your brand and customers as the center point, we can assemble an affordable social media marketing plan that you can manage on your own – one that easily fits within your daily marketing activities.

SwiftPrints Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social Media Profile Set Up and Management – We’ll establish your accounts and set up profiles with the more popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and may suggest a few others depending on where your customers spend their time online. We will develop messaging as well as design graphic images, photos and videos for your profile to ensure synergy across the various social media platforms.

Content Development/Optimization – Social media doesn’t stop once you set up a profile on Facebook or Twitter. You have to constantly develop and push compelling content to engage your audience – whether it’s writing alluring blogs and articles, creating posts that encourage interaction or developing irresistible content that gets shared across platforms. We can support your programs with article or blog writing, public relations and multimedia marketing –optimizing your content to drive more traffic to your website.

Social Marketing and Promotions – Whether you want to create a unique promotion to generate buzz, grow your followers or generate more online sales leads, we can work with you to come up with a winning idea. We can even develop and manage a Facebook ad campaign that delivers an impressive ROI.

Social Media Reporting/Analysis – SwiftPrints will monitor your social media activity across various platforms to determine if that growth ties in with increased traffic on your website. Although it won’t happen overnight, we can assure success.

Ready to dive in? Or, do you just want to get your feet wet first?

Either way – let’s get started. Contact us today for a customized social media marketing proposal!




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