Swift Brand Launcher

Swift Brand Launcher

There’s a great story behind every brand! What’s yours?

Business branding is not just about choosing a company name, writing a catchy tagline or designing a cool logo. Branding is about expressing your company’s brand identity through its corporate personality, product benefits and the overall story your company has to tell the world.

SwiftPrints ushers your company through the brand building process. We help you tell your story through a variety of media channels – from print to digital to mobile. Because branding is about observing the world through your customers’ perspective, SwiftPrints keeps your target customers top of mind. This helps cultivate an emotional relationship between your target audience and your brand — ultimately inspiring your customers to purchase your products or demand your services.

SwiftPrints Brand Strategy Services

  • Brand launcher program
  • Brand strategy & brand awareness
  • Messaging & story development
  • Company & product naming
  • Visual identity & logo development
  • Digital branding & mobile marketing
  • Competitive analysis & positioning
  • Customer insight & target audience definition

Activate your new brand with our Brand Launcher Program. SwiftPrints can bring your new brand to life (or breathe new life into your existing one!).
Launching a new brand can be a daunting task. Particularly, if it’s new territory for you or your corporate branding team. Brand design is our passion. Start-up firms are our specialty. That’s why we designed our brand launcher program.

At SwiftPrints, activating a new brand is easy with the brand launcher program. From the first meeting, we set out to guide you through every step of the process. First, we gain customer insight. Then, we research competitors, outline your brand position and develop your company’s competitive advantage. This is the keystone for defining your messaging and value proposition – what your firm needs to compete in today’s market.

Interested in learning more about our brand launcher program?

We encourage you to set up your no-obligation branding consultation today. Call or contact us to speak directly to a SwiftPrints brand specialist now.




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